The Rose Dawn Window


The Rose Dawn Window was created in the heart and mind of the late Miss Ruth Harwood and was translated onto stained glass by the Anderson Stained Glass Studio of Oakgrove, Oregon. It was presented to the Woodland Chapel in memory of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Watland, parents of Mrs. Roland G. deVries and her sister, Mrs. Bernice Robinson.

The Window of the Rose Dawn

(Interpretation of its symbolism)

This window is a picture of man’s inner life and its impact on our outer world.

The heart of the window is expressed as a lighted torch rising from chaliced hands. The hands symbolize the spirit of devotion, the spirit of receiving from the very givingness of the Universe and pouring out in creative action in service to mankind.

The instrument of this service and the instrument of this Holy reception is represented by the lighted torch, which again is the symbol of Light and Truth. The torch is burning within a full-blossomed rose, which is a symbol in the Western world of spiritual illumination. Thusly, Truth, expressed by giving and receiving leads to inward enlightenment.

True illumination always expresses itself in creative action, and this is portrayed in our window by a circle of seed thoughts.  Illumination is also expressed in the realm of heart-centered feeling, and outside of our ring of seed thoughts is a double row of hearts—the inward circle expressing devotion, which is the very sustenance of the inner life, and the outer ring turned outward in loving service to mankind. This service is always the compliment of spiritual devotion.

The symbolic picture of the inner life is fittingly surrounded by the seven bands of the rainbow, which again speaks of the promise of total light. It is also symbolic of the loving benevolence of God upon creation. Out of such devotion and service rises the hope of the world. This hope is further symbolized by the twelve doves of peace that are flying through our Rainbow of Promise out of the infinity of Heaven’s blue.

The window as a whole pictures the dream of the Woodland Chapel for world peace rising out of high inward awareness and lofty creative action.