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Seeing Beyond the Scary Appearances

In October, I’m often drawn to writing and speaking about spooky things. To a mom, October means Halloween, costumes, and parties. In years past, then, I’ve done Sunday messages along the lines of sin, death, and the devil; all those … Continue reading

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Living Your Own Ministry

As I’m writing this, it’s March, it’s springtime, and I’ve just gotten out of my home (finally) after a foot of snow has fallen.  (I live about 1,100 feet up.)  But as I left today, I saw purple crocuses coming … Continue reading

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ACTION: Release the Old to Free up Creative Energy

Last month we began our year of ACTION! looking at the actions necessary to change our consciousness because that’s where all creation begins:  in consciousness.  So now it’s March:  what’s the next logical step?  The word that came to me … Continue reading

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