Rev. Lynn Johnson

Lynn Johnson

Rev. Lynn Johnson

“The unexamined life is not worth living” Socrates

This quote has been the foundation upon which Rev. Lynn Johnson has based her life experience. Self-awareness and learning how to become more loving and accepting of her own life has been the key to her willingness to grow, learn and awaken to the complexity of her own authentic essence. Supporting others in their journey of self-discovery has evolved into her life’s purpose.

A dedicated metaphysical student, she has evolved into an exceptional teacher of Universal Spiritual Principles She has been a featured speaker at many New Thought Centers around the United States. Rev. Lynn has created and facilitated workshops and classes on such varied subjects as relationships, abundance, forgiveness, change and love, to name a few.

Lynn left her native Oregon to pursue a career in the fashion industry, working and traveling for many years in cities all over the country. She was introduced to the metaphysical spiritual philosophy of Science of Mind in 1990 by a friend who brought her to the Santa Rosa, California Church of Religious Science. It was a spiritual homecoming, and 3 weeks later, she began the 10-year journey toward ministerial licensing and ordination.

Coming to the teaching of Science of Mind and Spirit over 20 years ago through the backdoor of a 12-step recovery program, Lynn became willing to “change her life by changing her mind”. Science of Mind provided concrete tools, in the form of Universal spiritual principles, that altered her life in a profound way. She became passionate about, and devoted to, assisting others in awakening to the sacredness nestled in each person’s own heart.

Upon graduation from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies, Lynn became the Assistant Minister to Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen, Sr. Minister of the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California. Her passion was, and continues to be, the dynamic teaching of Ernest Holmes. As Director of Education at CSLSR, Lynn taught every S.O.M class

In January of 2002, Lynn answered the call as Senior Minister of the Portland Center for Spiritual Living in Portland, Oregon, where she served 8 years – 7 years in the pulpit and one year as a spiritual mentor to the new Community Spiritual Leader, Rev. Larry King.. During her tenure as the spiritual leader of the Portland Center, Lynn spearheaded a shift in consciousness setting the stage for growth and shared leadership in this 50 year-old spiritual community, moving it from a Board to a more inclusive C.O.R.E. model of leadership. She initiated a successful annual pledge program; expanded the spiritual Education Ministry; spearheaded implementation of a professional music ministry, including a Gospel Chorus; guided visioning for the purchase of a new building to house and grow the evolving Center; co-created a growing annual women’s retreat; and served on the Northwest New Thought Annual Season for Non-Violence and Portland Interfaith Council.

Currently (2012-13), Rev. Lynn is teaching basic spiritual principles to Spanish speaking women in La Paz, BCS, Mexico. The primary focus of her ministry is to empower the women of Mexico and to assist them in “knowing” their value, worth and innate divinity – beyond motherhood. It is a ministry based on LOVE – initially teaching the women how to “Love Yourself – Love Your Life”. There appears a great need in Mexico for the women to grow and improve how they feel about themselves through the practices of forgiveness, releasing anger and affirming positive Truths.

She is an intuitive teacher guiding her clients with clarity and love as they journey along a spiritual path of their own creation. She anchors herself in Spirit through a consistent daily spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, writing and study. She has an innate ability to “see to the heart” of a person and know their perfection despite what may present itself in a person’s human life.

“Postcards From God” is her first book in progress.