Rev. Don Kerr

Rev. Don Rev. Don KerrKerr’s early intention, at age 19 was to be a teacher. Life responsibilities and family appeared when he married his high school sweetheart right after graduation. College was put on hold while employment and providing for his family became a first priority.In his early 20’s, he was introduced to a unique sales opportunity for marketing educational materials for children and families, and became an independent sales contractor.During the same time he was introduced to Metaphysics and Theosophy by this father-in-law who was a lifelong student and instructor in those teachings. This led Don to meditation and inner peace.

While traveling in his business he picked up a hitch-hiker who introduced him to the Lucis Trust Foundation out of N.Y. which offered correspondence courses through the Arcane School of Metaphysics and Esoteric Studies. He spent 10 years in study, which required great focus and discipline.

He found Catherine Ponder’s writings on ‘Dynamic Laws’ about the time he found the Metaphysical Library at Woodland Chapel. Fern Crozier, mother of Gayle Priem and Sherlee Cave, was the librarian and she regularly recommended certain books for his reading. Rev. Don felt that she was naturally intuitive and helped him a great deal.

He studied for one year under Rev. Al Cameron and later under Rev. Man Hamille. During those years he used Prosperity Principles learned in the Ponder books on ‘Dynamic Laws’ and others recommended by Mrs. Crozier. He applied Religious Science Spiritual Mind Treatment techniques to create a special system for marketing Educational Products and build a business with many sales contractors selling throughout the Western States and parts of eastern and southwest U.S.

He ceased operations and sold his remaining contracts to a supplier in Chicago, retiring and pursuing steady study under Rev. Mary Midkiff’s new ministry. He completed Practitioner studies and was tutored and mentored by Rev. Mary and ordained at Woodland Chapel. He has served in many roles as an Asst. Minister and Practitioner for approximately 10 years at the Chapel. He has spoken at other Churches in the valley area, assisted at a Retreat a few years ago. He has officiated at dozens of weddings and served needs for Memorial Services and continues to Serve from his heart with Love.