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Woodland Chapel teaches a unique form of prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Spiritual Mind Treatment is a process where you go into the consciousness of knowing, and seeing ourselves as perfect. We are not subject to our old patterns of thought and belief, but aware there is a divine pattern already existing within.

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Our bookstore offers a wide range of metaphysical books, tapes, CD’s, and greeting cards. We also have a  lending Library.

Looking for your favorite book or author? Look no further than the Woodland Chapel Bookstore. When you order books through our bookstore the library receives a percentage of the cover price. We use this money to purchase new and relevant books to add to our already wonderful collection. So you are not only getting your favorite book by your favorite author, but you are also supporting the Woodland Chapel.

CD’s of the Sunday sermons are available in the bookstore following each service. You may request a CD by signing up in the Library.


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