Visioning Teams

Many church volunteers are staffing five visioning teams.  Here is a brief summary of progress through the end of March.

The Wedding Team was probably the first team to get off the ground. They have met several times now and have a new brochure in development. They are also starting to reorganize wedding materials and files, including disposing of some very old records. They will be gathering contact information for people who were married here in order to invite them to our open house.

 The Events Team is organizing an open house to celebrate our affiliation with the Centers for Spiritual Living. The team hopes to have a feature article appear in the “Faith” section of the Statesman Journal along with other media releases. The team envisions the open house occurring sometime in June.

 The Music Team met several times and has recommended a greater variety of music for our Sunday services. Rev Don has started up the WC Good Times Band which will be schedule to play on the first Sunday of each month. This team will meet on an as needed basis going forward.

The Community Projects Team volunteered to have four persons help staff The Day of the Child Assembly on Thursday April 24 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at St Joseph’s Church.  The four volunteers will distribute a prayer book and a door prize to the 100 or so expected to attend this even sponsored by Catholic Charities.  The committee  has also reviewed two of four possible outreach efforts for our Chapel. Either Safe Families for Children or the Ike Box, a charity for divested youth (teenagers), could make good partners for our Chapel. The team will also be looking at partnering with Oregon Food Share and possibly developing a program for people who are discharged from Salem Hospital without identified family or community support.

The Membership team is considering how best to greet first time visitors to our chapel, follow up with them and let them know of the basic principles we teach. This team is also developing a program for bringing new members on board. The team is developing several brochures to help explain what our Chapel is, does and teaches.

Each of these teams welcomes your input and involvement. Rev. Don or Rev. Maur can provide contact information. With five teams at work, written suggestions are perhaps easier to convey than are oral remarks.