Charley Thweatt

In Concert

May 12, 7 to 9 pm

Inspired Folk Pop –  36 years –  6 Continents –  16 CDs
Awakening Us to Spirit

Music has always been in Charley’s blood.  Following two false starts, he vaulted into a musical healing career, and now 36 years later, his career has taken him all around the U.S. and into 15 other countries on 6 continents.

He has recorded 16 CD’s, performed hundreds of spiritually healing concerts, and co-presented workshops with many well known teachers  in the Human Potential movement.

Join us for this exciting event.

See and hear more at:

Charley Thweatt | Inspired Acoustic Music | Home



We look forward to having an outdoor service in our Meditation Garden on August 19.  Join us for this fun, inspiring event.