Matt Jones speaks and leads a seminar on July 29.

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Tina Greene speaks and leads a seminar

Sunday, August 12


Got Garbage? Make Fertilizer!  Sunday Message

We all have personal garbage that can keep us stuck, cause us suffering and blind us to our own divinity and our own wisdom.  In this talk, I look at the ways that we can use acceptance, self-compassion and the power of Christ to transform our garbage into fertilizer that can enrich our lives.

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Transform Wounds Into Wisdom : Sunday Workshop

Thich Nhat Hanh says “No mud. No lotus.” The beautiful lotus flower grows out of the dankest muddy pond. Transform Wounds Into Wisdom provides an opportunity for participants to bring the light of love and compassion to an experience that causes pain so that they can discover the wisdom that is rooted there. Regardless of the source of the pain, this approach allows each of us to reframe our experience and free up space for new perspectives, new ideas and new ways of living in the world.



August 19

We look forward to having an outdoor service in our Meditation Garden on August 19.  Join us for this fun, inspiring event.



Donna Stephens will lead us in the repeat of last year’s successful encounter between rocks and inspiration.  So many beautiful rocks to share.  More information will be available as we approach this date. The Saturday class will be from 10am to 2 pm.



Details to follow.



Woodland Chapel will host its fifth annual Thanksgiving Day potluck on November 22.  The Center provides the turkey, potatoes and dressing.  Everyone signs up to bring salads, hot dishes and desserts.  Last year we had 35 people attend.



Woodland Chapel will host its third annual Christmas Day potluck on December 25.  The Center provides the main meat dish, potatoes and gravey.  Everyone signs up to bring salads, hot dishes and desserts.  Last year we had 17 people attend.



Spiritual Circles Organized

June 19 at 6pm at Brian and Robyn’s Home

Participants set up recurring conversations.  Topics will be those identified in the Science of Mind magazine.

As of this writing, eighteen members of our community have indicated their intention to participate.



Rummage Sale was a huge success.

June 8 and 9 from 8:00 Am to 4:00 PM our congregants staffed and many people came to buy.

Everything was cleared out before 4 pm on Saturday, June 9.

Our volunteers raised $1,000 toward our building fund.



Here are some photos as our crew set up for the event.





Cathy Daniels led the crew.  Here she is just after we closed up Saturday afternoon.

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Garden Party and Pizza on June 2

From 9:30 to Noon Saturday

Six of us worked outdoors together to improve our meditation garden and grounds.  We pulled invasive species and spread bark chips.

We enjoyed a meat lovers and a vegetarian pizza.


Our Crew

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Saturday April 21 – Dinner and Discourse

6:00 PM at Woodland Chapel

Cordelia and Anaapoorna prpared and presented a delicious vegetarian meal.  The enue was changed from Cordelis’a home to Woodland Chapel becausewe expected 18 people.   will be served at Cordelia Hanna’s home, starting at 6:00 pm.

Annapoorna Malakalppa Nuchchi andher husband Virthel led a discussion on Karma Yoga: The Path of Action.   Anapoorna accompanies her husband as he moves from job site to job site as an IT specialist.  They offered an exploration of Hinduism and Mediation.


Class completed on May 29

As you enter more deeply into the study of the Science of Mind, you will begin to see how your personal inward search for an understanding of your relationship to God and the Universe eventually brings you to a very important aspect of  the spiritual experience-living as a beneficial presence in the world.

This course helps one delve into and develop the practices of Affirmative Prayer and Meditation.  It is a great introduction to and also an excellent refresher on these profound spiritual practices. The course includes a review of basic Science of Mind Principles.

Watch for our next class.


Change to Distribution of Monthly Newsletter

Starting in March our newsletter, Joyful News, has been sent via email to those whose email addresses we have.  You know we have your email address if you are receiving our weekly emails.  Printed copies of the monthly newsletter are being sent to the six people who have requested them.


Charley Thweatt Was In Concert At Woodland Chapel on May 12, 2018

We enjoyed a delightful concert of original music.  Charley told stories about how his songs originated. His career has taken him all around the U.S. and into 15 other countries on 6 continents.

He has recorded 16 CD’s, performed hundreds of spiritually healing concerts, and co-presented workshops with many well known teachers  in the Human Potential movement.

See and hear more at:

Charley Thweatt Picture.jpg

The Sunday workshop morphed into a second impromptu concert with an opportunity to discuss music and spirituality with Charley.



A dozen of us enjoyed a tasty meal of “loaded” baked potatoes and salad.  We shared stories about how we initially got involved in our Center and volunteering.