Annual Meeting

And Discussion in the Round

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Right after Sunday Celebration

The Annual Meeting and Discussion is planned for the Library where sandwiches, water, tea and juice will be served. Total time for the meeting and discussion is for about an hour.

This is our annual business meeting in which current members of the Center will elect people to serve on the board and hear short reports on the current status of the Center.

All are invited to participate in the Congregation Meeting and Discussion that will unfold out of the short annual meeting.

This is an opportunity to come together and talk about how our Center is meeting your needs and what else people may want. We welcome your input as to how we can best serve our New Thought community.

Here are some areas we can discuss. Think about them. Maybe you have specific questions or recommendations or other areas to explore.

Spending money: A Treasurer’s report will be available at the meeting. Are there questions or comments on how the money is spent?

Potential Building Fund Projects and Improvements: some are known. Do you have others to consider?

  1. repaving the parking lot

  2. tree trimming/removal will be needed some time

  3. removing/redoing the walkway outside the library

Discussion groups: Many times we hear that people are interested in having open discussion groups. If that interests you, would you prefer Spiritual Circles held at congregants’ homes, or meetings here at Woodland Chapel? Should this be weekly, monthly, or some other schedule? Would you attend, host or head up a discussion?

Sunday Service: How do you feel about the Sunday Service currently? Is there anything you would like to see that is not currently being done?

Something New:  Is there some activity you would like to see our Center engage in?


Silent Auction

March 3, 20, 17 and 24

Bring in items any time now.  If at all possible, all auction items should be in by February 24.

We have bottles of wine from St. Innocent Winery that were  donated to Woodland Chapel. We have two prints by Jennifer Lake Miller. We expect to have more collectible art work, perhaps meals out, and other items you and others might donate.

Items will be available for viewing and bidding for three Sundays: March 3, 10, and 17. Awards announced on potluck Sunday, March 24.



New Class

New Thought

Open at the Top


Registration is now closed.

This 10-week course introduces key New Thought beliefs. It gives participants an opportunity to engage with the higher self. The course is based upon “What We Believe”. Each week students have the opportunity to examine the ideas contained in it and uncover ways to make the power of this teaching come alive in their lives and world. Each week has a meditation on Light that takes the student progressively deeper and deeper into the Light to find higher, inner Truth.

It is also a loving tribute to Dr. Ernest Holmes and all the wisdom he brought to our world.

Each week has a meditation on Light that takes the student progressively deeper and deeper into the Light to find inner Truth.

Text: The Essential Ernest Holmes by Dr Jesse Jennings

Essential Ernest.jpg

 Suggested tuition: $125. Registration fee: $45.

Both full and partial scholarships available.

Class is scheduled from 6 to 8:30 PM


Past Events


We Remembered Pat Elling’s Life

February 9

At Capital Manor



We celebrated Kay Elling’s life

January 5 2019

At Capital Manor.

Kay Elling Nov 2018.jpg






Occurred Christmas Day

at 2:00 Pm in the Fireside Room

Rev Maur and Vicki Horton provided the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy. Others brought delicious side dishes and deserts.

15 to 20 of us attended and we finished up at about 4 PM.


Candle Lighting Service


December 22

7:00 PM

Over 60 of us enjoyed Christmas carols, music and a true Christmas miracle story.

We lit Candles while singing “Silent Night.” This was a beautiful family experience for us adults as well as the six children who attended.

The Joyful Singers sang three songs.

Dawn Lewis provided childcare and escorted the children up to participate in the candle lighting.  Each child held an electric candle.  Beautiful indeed.  Heartwarming.

We enjoyed hospitality afterwards with coffee, cookies and cake in the Fireside Room.




Our Christmas Gift to Our Community

Was picked up on December 13.

Pajamas 2018.JPG


Our Beyond Limits Class

Held Its 10th and Final Session

Beyond Limits Project D'Anna Dennis 3.JPG
On December 12 Members of the class presented their projects which included foam board displays, poems and a booklet. D’Anna’s project is pictured here and on display in the Fireside Room. Others are or will soon also be displayed.
New Class The Essential Ernest starts on January 16. It offers deep insights into the basic principles of Science Of Mind printed in each issue of the Science of Mind magazine. They are on page 10 of December’s issue. We received 10 extra issues of the December issue. Come get one.


December 1

Art Workshop was great success.






Was a fun.  As many as 30 people attended and enjoyed the good food and great company.



Flat Roof Repaired

Major work completed on November 9

Interior view of the new skylights.



Caleb cleans the side of our building on November 24.

Valley Roofing did a great job. Place was left neat. Some roofing material dropped from above had left black marks on the elevator shaft. Kaleb Taylor came over and cleaned it up a few days after we paid the contract in full.

Final Check given to Jon Taylor of Valley Roofing for a job well done.
Jon Taylor Valley Roofing (3).JPG

Additional contributions have already helped off set $1,350 of the amount above $12,150.

Final bill came in at $14,600. Extras include labor and materials to replace dry rot $1,850, skylights $450 and gutters $150.

We are grateful to Valley Roofing for their excellent work.

Picture is of area above Library. Isn’t it beautiful?

Thank you for helping fund this project.






Was a great time to share creative activities.

About a dozen people joined Donna Stephens in rock painting and Karen Lawrence in making art cards.  What fun!




Woodland Chapel will host its third annual Christmas Day potluck on December 25.  The Center provides the main meat dish, potatoes and gravey.  Everyone signs up to bring salads, hot dishes and desserts.  Last year we had 17 people attend.




August 19


Sunday August 19
11:00 AM
Sunday August 19
11:00 AM
We enjoyed coffee, donuts, fruit and a wonderful messagein the Meditation garden.  Rev Don, Rev Julie and Rev Maur shared a fire side story while Donna Stephens and Michele Giammatteo played druns and Blaine Moody and Annie Cornely will presented our music.



Prosperity in All Dimensions of Life

A series on the four Mondays in August.

Last meeting was August 20

Rev Don and Rev Maur led a four week session on The Secret Of Unlimited Prosperity. Each session presents a unique perspective, so drop-ins are welcome. The workshop explores concepts from the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.

The lessons werea based on one of Rev Don’s favorite authors, Catherine Ponder, and her sixty page book: “The Secret of Unlimited Prosperity.”  This was a perfect summer series with lots of dialogue and no homework.


Tina Greene spoke and led a fun, informative seminar.

Sunday, August 12


Tina Greene IMG_8951 cc (6).jpg

Tina Greene, RScP

Got Garbage? Make Fertilizer!  Sunday Message

We all have personal garbage that can keep us stuck, cause us suffering and blind us to our own divinity and our own wisdom.  In this talk, I look at the ways that we can use acceptance, self-compassion and the power of Christ to transform our garbage into fertilizer that can enrich our lives.

Transform Wounds Into Wisdom : Sunday Workshop :: Featuring Paints

1:00 to 4:00 PM

Thich Nhat Hanh says “No mud. No lotus.” The beautiful lotus flower grows out of the dankest muddy pond. Transform Wounds Into Wisdom provides an opportunity for participants to bring the light of love and compassion to an experience that causes pain so that they can discover the wisdom that is rooted there. Regardless of the source of the pain, this approach allows each of us to reframe our experience and free up space for new perspectives, new ideas and new ways of living in the world.

Tina Greene Flyer (2)


These folks showed up right away. Some just visited. Those who stayed enjoyed a transformative experience.






Free One Hour Meditation Workshop Was Well Attended

A Native American Meditation on healing through our connection with the plant world was well attended with 10 participants.  We experienced the essential oil called “wild orange.”  Amy Cooper led us in a meditation on the Divine as expressed in wild orange.  She also provided us with information on essential oils including safety tips.

Free, no fee.


On July 9 we had our laurel hedge trimmed.

IMG_8533-1 Hedge trim 1.JPG

IMG_8530 Hedge trimmed July 9 2018.JPG

IMG_8304 Vegetaion from Garden Clean Up removed July 9 2018 (2).jpg

And removed all this and more! All the vegetative materials that were left after our successful garden parties and the trimmings from the laurel hedge are gone.



Second Spiritual Living Circle

Our second monthly circle met at Helen McCann’s home in Dallas, a lovely setting.  Sixteen people attended   We met on July 11 at 6 pm.  We discussed two daily meditations from the Science of Mind magazine.  One was from July 10, the other from July 11. We opened and closed with Spiritual Mind Treatment.  Lively discussion among the participants marked this a successful event.  The cobbler was delicious.


Garden Party Clean up on Saturday, July 7
was a success.


We had five volunteers.  One took the pictures.

IMG_8522 Garden Party July 7 2018.JPG

IMG_8513 Garden Party July 7 2018.JPG



Spiritual Circles Organized on June 19 at 6pm at Brian and Robyn’s Home

Participants set up recurring conversations.  Thirteen enjoyed the meeting which featured lively discussions and a dessert of ice cream bars.  Topics going forward will be among those identified in the Science of Mind magazine.


Rummage Sale was a huge success.

June 8 and 9 from 8:00 Am to 4:00 PM our congregants staffed and many people came to buy.

Everything was cleared out before 4 pm on Saturday, June 9.

Our volunteers raised $1,000 toward our building fund.



Here are some photos as our crew set up for the event.





Cathy Daniels led the crew.  Here she is just after we closed up Saturday afternoon.

IMG_8275-2 (2)


Garden Party and Pizza on June 2

From 9:30 to Noon Saturday

Six of us worked outdoors together to improve our meditation garden and grounds.  We pulled invasive species and spread bark chips.

We enjoyed a meat lovers and a vegetarian pizza.


Our Crew

Group Garden Party June 2 2018IMG-8201


Saturday April 21 – Dinner and Discourse

6:00 PM at Woodland Chapel

Cordelia and Anaapoorna prepared and presented a delicious vegetarian meal.  The venue was changed from Cordelis’a home to Woodland Chapel because we expected 18 people.

Annapoorna Malakalppa Nuchchi and her husband Virthel led a discussion on Karma Yoga: The Path of Action.   Anapoorna accompanies her husband as he moves from job site to job site as an IT specialist.  They offered an exploration of Hinduism and Meditation.


Class completed on May 29

As you enter more deeply into the study of the Science of Mind, you will begin to see how your personal inward search for an understanding of your relationship to God and the Universe eventually brings you to a very important aspect of  the spiritual experience-living as a beneficial presence in the world.

This course helps one delve into and develop the practices of Affirmative Prayer and Meditation.  It is a great introduction to and also an excellent refresher on these profound spiritual practices. The course includes a review of basic Science of Mind Principles.

Watch for our next class.


Change to Distribution of Monthly Newsletter

Starting in March our newsletter, Joyful News, has been sent via email to those whose email addresses we have.  You know we have your email address if you are receiving our weekly emails.  Printed copies of the monthly newsletter are being sent to the people who have requested them.


Charley Thweatt Was In Concert At Woodland Chapel on May 12, 2018

We enjoyed a delightful concert of original music.  Charley told stories about how his songs originated. His career has taken him all around the U.S. and into 15 other countries on 6 continents.

He has recorded 16 CD’s, performed hundreds of spiritually healing concerts, and co-presented workshops with many well known teachers  in the Human Potential movement.

See and hear more at:

Charley Thweatt Picture.jpg

The Sunday workshop morphed into a second impromptu concert with an opportunity to discuss music and spirituality with Charley.



A dozen of us enjoyed a tasty meal of “loaded” baked potatoes and salad.  We shared stories about how we initially got involved in our Center and volunteering.




IMG_8085 Mau 19 2018 Volunteer lucnehon 2.JPG