What is the Science of Mind?

Religious Science exists to facilitate the reawakening of each individual’s awareness of the higher Self. We offer a message of the Oneness of Universal Life through Sunday services, Science of Mind classes, self-growth seminars, and individual counseling.    Religious Science is not in opposition to any religious belief or philosophy.  Rather, it seeks to bring to light the thread of Truth which exists in all religions. We recognize that each individual is on a path to his own fulfillment and must be guided by his/her own inner voice.  We offer practical and definite methods with which each individual can create positive life changes.  Among the benefits of the teachings of Religious Science is the understanding of positive prayer or spiritual mind healing.  We refer to this as spiritual mind treatment.  Religious Science offers healing, spiritual understanding, and an opportunity to experience greater love, greater joy, and greater life expression.  In the words of Dr. Ernest Holmes, “There is a power for good in the universe, greater than you are, and you can use it!” 

What is Woodland Chapel?

A place of learning where the principles of Science of Mind are taught.  Together we explore how, through spiritual practice, we can use the tools of Affirmations and Prayer to attract more good into our lives and the lives of others.

A spiritual home to learn to pray scientifically and effectively, through active acceptance of what God is, which is Love.

A community in which to think and grow spiritually with others of like mind.

A loving, safe place to celebrate the TRUTH that heals and sets us free to enjoy richer living!