Our History

It would be difficult to pinpoint a date as the beginning of the Woodland Chapel and Library, for in the hearts of its founders, it began as a dream. This dream grew into final manifestation in November 1957, as the first service was held in the Chapel on November 17 of that year.

Woodland Chapel Ministers over the years.

Woodland Chapel was established and built by a group first led by Olive Stevens, a local lecturer and teacher of Science of Mind.  The property was acquired and the chapel built by a passionate founding group of volunteers under the leadership of Rev. Roland deVries.  The first church service was held in the new chapel on November 17, 1957.  In 1961 led by Rev. Raymond Lilley the church became affiliated with International Association of Religious Science (later RSI).  This affiliation continued until June 1990 when a decision was made to retire the RSI charter.

During the years of affiliation Woodland Chapel was blessed to be led by some well-known ministers, including Rev. Raymond Lilley, Rev. Leo Fishbeck, the Revs. Albert and Mary Cameron, Rev. Tony Bonaccorso, Rev. Eunice Phillips, and Rev. Marie Sukalac.  From the 1960’s to the 1980’s Woodland Chapel hosted conferences, many guest speakers, and concerts.  In 1967 Woodland Chapel hosted the IARSC, the first time it was held outside California.  In 1975 Rev. Earl Barnum, former Board member of RSI offered a three-day seminar here.  And in 1992 the Oregon branch of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) met here at Woodland Chapel.  Rev. Dr. George Bendall served as our minister for about two years in 1990.  As an independent church of Religious Science, Woodland Chapel was led by and after affiliation,  Rev. William Hoffhines and later authorized the ordination of several ministers including: Rev. Oma Lee Ruddiman, Rev. Maur Horton, Rev. Manon Hamile, Rev. Mary Midkiff, and Rev. Don Kerr.

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