July 2017

As I breathe, I remember that God is my Source. As I arise in the morning, I remember that God is Energy. As I step into the shower, eat my breakfast, brush my teeth, I remember that God is Wholeness. As I plan my day, I remember that God is Infinite Intelligence. As I greet other people, animals, or tend to my plants, I remember that God is Love. As I write, draw, play or work, I remember that God is Creativity.

As I meditate or pray, I remember that I am the Peace Within. As I interact with others, I
remember that I am Harmony. As I find pleasure in the things that I do, I remember that I am Joy. As I serve others in any capacity, I remember that I am Compassion. As I see flowers, trees, oceans, mountains, I remember that I am Beauty. As I live, move and have my being, I remember that I am Freedom.

What I know for myself I know for everyone As I am mindful of all that God is, I remember that God is Abundance. I am blessed to experience all the Abundance that God is: Source, Energy, Wholeness, Intelligence, Love, Creativity, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Compassion, Beauty, Freedom. These are the qualities that enrich our lives. I see every heart and mind open to receive them. Awareness is the key, and I pray for this awareness for family, friends, and all people around the world, especially those in leadership positions.

I am grateful to have this awareness. On behalf of all who join with me in Spirit, I release my awareness into the Creative Energy that is God. And so it is.

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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