December 2016

There is one Power and Presence in the Universe which is every where present.  This is the Source of All Creation.

This Source is Spirit, Creative Intelligence, the Indwelling God in which we believe.  Belief holds the power of creation, through both Love and Law.  Love is what we choose to focus on and send out.  Law is the creative Power that manifests Good from that Love.

Within each of us is a gift, a special light that only we can shine when we remember who we are, a child of God.  We each are God expressing in this world and are sure to expand joy when we remain focused on Oneness, the wholeness this life becomes when we keep our thoughts, words and actions on love, healing and harmony.

We are grateful for this Truth and put it to use for the greater good of all.

And so it is.


About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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