April 2014

I am Alive, Awake and Aware

I am alive to the power of Spirit. I am awake to the wholeness of God. I am aware of the Love of the One. All that I am and all that I do expresses the beauty of the all-powerful Presence of God. The goodness of the Infinite permeates my being. Every cell of by my body renews itself in the glow of the Divine. My mind and my heart open to the flow of boundless Energy.
The whole universe supports me abundantly. My family lives in harmony. My friends and acquaintances revel in the dawn of the new day. All sentient beings everywhere dwell in peace. What I know for myself, I know for my church, my community and for the whole world. I sing the joy-song of gratitude as I praise the most High. I let go and let God. And so it is.

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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