April 2013

I know that God is the  One Power, One Love, and One Source of all. Whatever I encounter is some form or face of God.

I am ONE with all that God is; I am ONE with all that God has. I know that I am ONE with all that God does living through and as me.

Knowing these truths, I now embody them, letting the power of God create the life that I would most want to have. The power of God is all that is necessary to move aside any appearance of resistance to my greater good. The love of God nurtures and sustains me, filling me with joy and peace, moving me into a place of complete contentment. God, as the Source of all, provides me abundantly and consistently with every good thing necessary to enjoy life, participate in life, and give back to life all the good that has been so graciously received.

I give thanks to this One Source that lives as my life in the world. All my blessings come from this loving power and I see it channeled through everyone I meet.

I joyfully release any and all concerns knowing that my creative thoughts go out into a loving Universe that always says yes. I let that be and so it is.    Amen.

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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