December 2012

Spiritual Mind Treatment

I know that God is light, love, peace, joy, and abundant good, all that I know and experience at Christmas.

I am ONE with this beautiful season. I share my good with the Universe that brings such abundant good to me.

All that I want or feel I need at this time of the year is mine for the accepting. I open my life to the blessings of love from all the people I encounter; I share peaceful, joyous moments with everyone from my family to the people on the street and the ones behind the cash registers. I know that I am blessed with wondrous gifts of the Spirit, beginning with the re-birth of the Christ light within me.

I give thanks for this special time to know my Oneness with all of creation, and for the opportunity to celebrate it. I let this be in Love and Joy. And so it is. Amen.

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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