Seeing Beyond the Scary Appearances

In October, I’m often drawn to writing and speaking about spooky things. To a mom, October means Halloween, costumes, and parties. In years past, then, I’ve done Sunday messages along the lines of sin, death, and the devil; all those scary things.

This year, our word is ACTION. We’re taking everything out of the theoretical and putting it into the practical. The rubber has been hitting the road all year! So this October I’m drawn to what I call the “real” scary stuff, that stuff that makes a much bigger difference to our lives than werewolves and vampires. I’m talking about terrorism, change, suffering, and…politics!

I put politics last for a reason: I was working my way up to the scariest of all! At least it is for me, a completely apolitical person. I dearly love this country, its constitution, its freedoms, the way it stands for unity like no other country in history. I’m unaware of any other country that has drawn to its shores such a rich mixture of all the other countries on earth. There’s something very good here and people want to be a part of it. That’s what has been our great blessing through the years and given us our strength.

I’ve never had any real concern about the fate of our country for all the years I’ve been alive in it. Regardless of whom I thought should have won the election, I never worried that anyone’s election would doom us. I had seen too many turn-overs to believe that. Our country just kept working, no matter what, with its brilliant system of checks and balances and the basic willingness of its people to eventually get along and act for the common good. I had such trust in all this, I didn’t have to discuss politics with anyone or give it much thought, which was just fine with me. Politics, by its very nature, is dualistic (at least!). There has to be at least two sides. I came into this world with an innate understanding of the unity of all things so that anything that caused separation held no interest for me, even as a child. Westerns were very big on television when I was young and I can remember just never getting that whole “my kin vs. yore kin” thing, with all the vengeance and feuds.

But, alas, it seems things have been changing over the last decade or so. I put politics in the “real scary” category because politics can now do more harm than vampires; it is in danger of sucking the blood out of our future. No one can put forth an idea without having it politicized, trampled upon, and, basically, rendered inert by whichever party is the opposite of the one putting forth the idea. Then nothing gets done. So this political rancor that has become so common is, at the very least, impractical, if you define the political process as “the means by which problems get solved and things get done.” At a deeper level, the extreme incivility of it all, the constant “us against them” thinking, the widening gulf between segments of society, is a manifestation of a belief in separation that is the very antithesis of what we know to be the truth of God: WE ARE ALL ONE!

I’ve been doing my own spiritual work around this because I no longer have the luxury of just letting others take care of our political life…because they’re not! It’s not working with a business as usual attitude. It’s time we took action (our word again) and the action to take is in consciousness (of course). We can start by affirming oneness in our nation. We are NOT a nation of political opinions. We are a nation of unique individuals with many things in common: the desire to experience harmony and joy in our national lives; to be productive and satisfied in our work lives; the desire to express as our hearts and minds lead us to express. Affirming oneness is done spiritually, mentally, and verbally. It involves listening to others with a sincere attitude of wanting to solve problems, which might require sometimes that we release some of our entrenched opinions and prejudices. It involves expecting the best of each other, leaving open an opportunity for others to express a higher and greater good, and not falling into slander and invective when it becomes challenging. People will live up to your expectations; what do you expect of Obama supporters? What do you expect of Romney supporters? Are your expectations what you really want to experience?

I sincerely can say “May the best candidate win,” because that’s exactly what we need: the best! And since God is always in charge, that is exactly what I know will happen. All that’s left is for us to support the common good by knowing we all have good in common.

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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