ACTION: Release the Old to Free up Creative Energy

A breath of spring

Last month we began our year of ACTION! looking at the actions necessary to change our consciousness because that’s where all creation begins:  in consciousness.  So now it’s March:  what’s the next logical step?  The word that came to me was “release,” because that’s where our consciousness often stalls out.  It’s so difficult to release some of that stuff that really needs releasing:  the slights, the resentments, the unforgiveness, the old ideas of lack and limitation that still run our lives.

But I had to ask myself:  Is release even an action?  Action, to me, implies motion and effort.  (Especially effort!)  When we release, it’s almost the “anti-action”.  It’s not “doing something”, it’s not doing something.  Instead of holding tight to something (action and effort) we simply release and let it go (the very minimal action and effort of simply opening our hand).  Minimal action and effort:  probably explains why I’m usually very good at releasing things!

Truthfully, I have been good at releasing.  I’ve never been able to keep a grudge going or seethe about anything for very long.  It simply takes too much energy and, even in childhood, I’ve believed in conserving energy, especially my own.  Dr. Phil gave a very good analogy once about how much energy it takes to hang on to things, to keep them hidden down beneath the surface.  He said imagine standing in a pool and holding a beach ball under the water.  You get a very clear image of how much effort that takes; it feels like something you’re locked in mortal combat with.  Then what happens when you release it?  It pops up to the surface, light, free, and harmless.  And all that energy it took to try and keep it all down?  It’s freed up to do other things:  fun things, things you’ve been wanting or needing to do, if only you had the energy.

Spring is a wonderful time to look at releasing things.  Who doesn’t want to relase a few pounds the winter holidays put on for us?  Who doesn’t want to clean out the dust and stagnation of a house that’s been closed up against the weather for months?  This is the time to release our gardens from a tangle of winter debris and let the new growth sprout.  We can use this time to look at what it is we need to release in our own consciousness.

How long have you been hanging on to that feud between you and your family?  How long have you devoutly desired to be rid of a certain habit but you just can’t seem to release it?  How long have you just been stuck in a rut with nothing new on the horizon and each day looking pretty much like the one before it?  We are always at choice!  That’s one of the greatest pieces of news we can offer you.  You are in charge of your own consciousness and can change it or grow it at will.  And that is what it takes:  your will to do so.

We often feel that we are helpless to change our lives because “that’s how it’s always been in our family.”  Or “That’s just how I was raised”.  Granted, there are engrained patterns of behavior and belief that we may not even be aware of, but they are creative all the same.  And they are creating what we don’t want in our lives.  But once we make the choice to have something better, do something different, be someone greater, we set in motion a series of events that will then outpicture as that better, different, greater life we seek.  It can be momentous or subtle, but the change will come.  Our will to change will guide us to make different choices, minute by minute, and what is life but a whole lot of minutes strung together?  Often, those different choices require that we release the old, the familiar, first before we can step out into the new.

That could take courage or it could simply take awareness.  In either case, it’s our next action step:  release.  After the fear and resistance subsides, you’ll feel it:  a new sense of ease and grace in your life.  Like a breath of spring.      -Rev. Mary Midkiff

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We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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