The Freedom to Transform Your Life

I just can’t believe it’s July already. That’s the kind of thing old people always say, but I think I can be forgiven this time time. It was such a long, cool spring. We had snow on April 28 at our house! I’ve just had my first strawberries, not on the first of May as usually happens.

Yet, here I am, in July, thinking about freedom again. Maybe it seems so soon to me because, in one way or another, I’ve been thinking about freedom every month this year; freedom: it’s not just for July anymore! I’ve been talking all year about transformation and that’s always what transformation boils down to for me: freedom.

If I want to transform my bank account it’s because I want to buy whatever I want to buy. If I want to transform my health, it’s because I want the freedom to move and go and do whatever I want to move and go and do. If I want to transform my relationships, I want the freedom to express myself (which is love) and to have that expression returned. No one ever wants to transform to make anything smaller, it’s always about transforming into expansion. (Well, maybe in our weight….)

So I’ve been thinking and talking all year about that kind of freedom. It’s a spiritual journey (as all things are) because God is all there is. Ernest Holmes told us, “There’s nothing to be healed.” So when I’m looking for the freedom of transformation, there’s nothing wrong with me or something that needs to be fixed; there’s just my true nature, my God nature, to be revealed, to be transformed from the appearance of my limited human life and experience to the reality of my limitlessness as God.

How do we do that? Here I will quote my father, the inimitable Duke, the Irish Mystic: “Well, since I don’t know, I’ll tell you…” (I sometimes think I don’t know or I wouldn’t be having some very stubborn areas in my life that resist transformation.) But I actually can “tell you” even if I’m still wrestling with the doing: we “reveal” our Godness any time we express any of the qualities of God. (If it looks like God, waddles like God, quacks like God….it’s God!) What are the qualities of God we are most familiar with?

God is joyous, generous, vital, compassionate. When I am expressing joy, I am transforming my life from one of mundane worries and frustrations, into a life of God-like joy. When I am expressing vitality (and that includes my speech as well!), I am opening a channel for the unending life of God to be expressed. (This is another example of the law of compensation: when you send out vitality, vitality returns. How often have we been told to get more energy by moving more, which is sending out energy?) When I am expressing compassion for others, I am experiencing a life of love because whenever we interact with others we are using the language of love. Marianne Williamson says that every interaction is an expression of, or a cry for, love.)

Doing any of these things will transform our lives and set us free. How do you most want to be free? What area of your life would you love to transform: Remember the lovely pink wand we talked about a while ago? If you could wave that, what would appear? What would disappear?

We are free to make choices in life so we are free to transform, which is just the judicious use of choice. In every moment of every day we are given choices to make. So long as we always choose to express God, we will be expressing freedom at the highest level possible. God is all about freedom. God must be completely free for we cannot comprehend a bound or limited God. God had to create us as free beings as we were formed “in the image and likeness” and, we would say, with the same substance, as God.

I hope you pause this month (if you don’t everyday) and think about this miraculous gift of life we’ve been given and the freedom we have to live it and express it just as we would choose to. Our country has incorporated a lot of this freedom into the fabric of our civil lives, and that is something to give thanks for, too. But regardless of appearances to the contrary, around the world each person is created with innate freedom, as each person is created with God living through and as them. It’s Independence Day for us all!
-Love, Rev. Mary

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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