Transforming from death to life (Here’s a summary of Rev. Mary’s Easter message.)

The cross “transformed”

What can we learn from the Easter story and the life of Jesus?

We read in the scriptures how Jesus transforms from a consciousness of death to a consciousness of life.

TheTransfiguration (which we don’t hear so much of) happens before Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem on the day we commemorate as Palm Sunday.   Jesus is accompanied by 3 disciples, who witness his glowing appearance as he converses on the physical plane with Elijah and Moses.   They hear God say, “This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.”  The significance of this event is it shows signs of two truths about Jesus’ progress in living out His purpose.  1.  It showed he was one with all time.  The line between life and death had been removed.  2.  It showed he was not just part of the physical world, but had a deep connection with Spirit.

We learn that Jesus’ transformation was a process that he underwent and that it required certain things of Him:

  1. He had to be prepared.   He maintained His spiritual practice (or he was “prayed up”.)
  2. He had to be committed to his purpose.
  3. He had overcome the 40 days and nights of temptation (the dark night of the soul). 
  4. He came back from on High to live his purpose in the knowledge that He was truly eternal.  (Complete faith)

The question for us to ponder is “What could we do if we released all our fear and lived as if there was nothing to fear?”   What if we truly understood that God loves us and is well-pleased with us?  What if we lived in complete faith and according to our purpose?

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