Transformation and Spring Cleaning

In the April garden

What a great month to support our year-long commitment to transformation.  There’s no greater example of transformation in the history of the world than the transformation from death to life given us by Jesus.  This is transformation of the highest level, spiritual work done on a plane most of us will never even contemplate.

But it’s worth contemplating.  (As they say, “Shoot for the moon; if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars.”)  We may never reach that level of transformaiton in our lifetime; we may still experience that mystery known as “transition” just like the billions before us.  But if we always keep before us that intention to transform, the time wse do spend here will be all the richer for it.  As will the earth and humanity itself.

This past month, a group of us met on a weekly basis to study Peter Walsh’s book It’s All Too Much, a book motivating us to de-clutter and organize our homes.  There’s not a lot more mundane than that.  But the beauty of his approach is that he ties it to our spiritual and emotional growth.  He makes it about release and prioritizing the experiences we want to have in life.  He makes it about transforming ourselves starting with our environments.  This is the place to start.   We may not make it to rising from the dead, but the peace and serenity of our homes will resurrect!

We can go on from there to using that serene environment to support our further study and spiritual development.  I’ve meditated a lot more eagerly now that I have my comfy chair clear of clutter in the corner of my newly decorated bedroom!  (And all that started with cleaning the closets.)  Without the pull of the mundane, we are free to face what we really need to look at:  once fighting the contents of our closets is no longer the focus of our days, we can look into the contents of our hearts and minds.  What do I need to forgive?  What do I need to release?  What belief have I outgrown and no longer serves me?  What do I need to transform?  What or who do I need to love?  Since we are all ONE, whatever transformation we make, we make for all of us.  It might be said that the world is transformed one closet at a time!

We can go on to doing the inner healing work that is often putpicturing as chaos and clutter in our outer lives.  Last month we were gifted with a special Sunday morning healing service from Rev. Don Kerr, the Music Team, and the Ministry of Prayer.  It was a perfect time to do that work, a spring cleaning of a different kind.  What are all the things we hang onto way past their time?  All the resentments?  The bitterness?  The judgments?  It was a wonderful time to be reminded that we are at choice as to what to do with all this stuff.  We are not required to keep it.  We can move beyond it.

This month, as we draw closer to Easter and the miracle of the final teaching of Jesus’ life, we will look at the steps of his transformation as they occurred in order, and see what there is for us to learn from them.  First there was the transformation from his job (carpenter) to his ministry.  That is one of the richest areas we can all mine in our lifetimes.  I think that’s why it’s set up in this world that most of us have to work for a living, because there is so much to be learned.  We can all move from a job to a ministry if we understand that a ministry has nothing to do with working in a church; it’s about how we view what we do, whatever it is.  Do we do it with love and with the intention of creating more good in the world?  That’s a ministry, whether it’s carpentry or hair dressing.

Then there’s the transformation from the mundane to the miraculous (a way of looking at the world that blesses us with daily miracles, as Jesus performed them), and the transformation from being human to being God.  (“Know ye not that ye are gods?” Jesus asked, rather incredulously, I think.)  Lastly, there is that transformation from death to life.  It really is worth contemplating.  It’s not that far beyond us.  After all, we are all expressions of God.  And one of thos attributes is eternal life.

Have a wonderful transformative Easter and be sure to join us Easter Sunday for our annual ritual of the Transformative Cross.         –   Love,   Rev. Mary

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We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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