A Life of Ease and Grace

The result of living a life of release is a life of ease and grace.  What exactly is that?

Ease:  comfortable, free from pain and trouble, free from constraint; or to free from      anything that pains, to lessen the pressure or tension, to make less difficult

Grace: favor, kindness, mercy, the state of being favored, or divine assistance given,     being pleasing to God

NOTICE that these definitions have nothing to say about money.  Living a life of ease and grace has to do with your feelings, attitudes, and the way in which you live, not how much money you have.  So ease and grace are available to all.

 NOTICE particularly the definition of ease as a verb, “to free anything that pains, etc.”: this is something we get to make a choice to do; it is not something we’re trying to attain.  Whoever you are or whatever your station in life may be, you can decide to free someone from pain.  Not only do you get to experience ease and grace, you get to give it as well.

NOTICE the definition of grace, the part that says “being pleasing to God” (which is also called “living in a state of grace”).  This would seem to be saying that some people are pleasing to God and some people are not.

    A. We are all pleasing to God because of the nature of God:

         1.God is all there is, and all God is, is good.

  2. Of course I am pleasing to God because I am OF God and God is    smart enough to be pleased with Itself

   B.  Jesus always spoke as being AT ONE with all of us; whatever was said to or about him was meant for all of us.  Therefore, when God said “You are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased,” God was saying that about us all.

We also defined release as “freeing that imprisoned splendor” within, that divinity we are, letting it loose to shine in the world.  We will definitely live a life of ease and grace when we do that, as God can handle any and every situation we face with ease and grace.

When we release our grip on what must be and let God take care of the details, we are giving the Universe all the space it needs to bring in that newness we are seeking!

Rev. Mary Midkiff   August 15, 2010

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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