Celebrate the Meaning of Freedom!


My thoughts often turn to freedom in the month of July for obvious reasons.  We celebrate July 4th which is all about gaining our freedom, right?  And, besides, freedom is a really fun topic to talk about.  It’s positive; very Religious Science.  Conflict?  Not so much.

And yet, what are we really celebrating?  It’s all about the Revolutionary War, right?  That’s a conflict.  But we don’t talk much about conflict.  It’s definitely not fun, and we’re supposed to only think about positive things.  How can conflict be positive?  War is hell, I am told.

Truth is, we experience conflict everyday because this plane of existence is a plane of duality:  two sides fighting it out.  Rarely do two opposites co-exist peacefully.  In their wake these two sides leave a lot of collateral damage:  broken bodies, broken hearts, broken dreams.  There’s a lot of healing to be done.  Understanding the true nature of conflict is at the heart of that healing.

What’s the first thing to understand about conflict?  That it’s an illusion.  It has to be:  God is all there is.  There is an essential unity to creation that must be, as creation reflects the nature of the Creator. Knowing that conflict is an illusion gives us the hope (a powerful healing property) that conflicts are not set in stone; they can be resolved.  Since it is done unto us as we believe, we must first believe in the possibility of peace (within ourselves, our families, and the nations).

What else must we believe about conflict?  That it is only a manifestation of this dualistic plane of existence while all people are expressions of an Absolute Unitive Good that knows no Other.  To resolve conflict, we bring ourselves back into that awareness of oneness with all others, knowing that we all want the same things because we ARE the same thing: expressions of God.

All year we’ve been talking in one way or another about newness.  We’ve declared that we are going to experience newness which is defined as a good greater than anything we can imagine at this point.  All of our various monthly topics have been some part of this.  How does conflict fit into newness?  Isn’t conflict as old as the hills?  Since we know from the evidence all around us that we truly are experiencing the newness we’ve declared for, it’s important to have some skills to deal with all that comes with it, and one of the things that always accompanies newness is conflict.  We have to learn how to live in this wonderful new world of our making.  There will be differing opinions about how to do that, sometimes within our own minds.  Newness brings new energy and energy can wreak havoc if not understood and channeled.  This is a perfect time to get prepared to do that.

We know that God is all there is.  When viewed with understanding, then, the elements of conflict, too, must be some part of God.  While the elements may be all about God, the experience of duality, one side pitted against another as if separation truly existed, is not.  While we celebrate our freedoms this month, let’s not forget to celebrate the freedom to be what we truly are, ONE with all forms of God, living in God.  And to know that freedom for everyone else, too.


Reverend Mary

About Woodland Chapel Salem

We promote a spirit-centered life by teaching principles that enable us to experience the love, peace, wholeness, and abundance that is only possible through a relationship with God.
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